Astronomy: Out of This World Food

Students will better understand the many implications of meal planning in space by collaborating in small groups to learn about the categories of food that can be consumed during space travel, by creating a meal plan for an astronaut, and by creating recipes for foods that can be eaten in space.

What Pilot Light Teachers are saying:

“Students were able to experience the ways food can taste different and need to be prepped differently due to the lack of gravity and the need for things to be cleaner (crumbs float!).” – 5th grade Science teacher

Lesson Topics:

Astronomy, dehydration, hydration, outer space, nutrition

Curricular Connections:

Common Core English Language Arts:
Grades 3-5 Informational Text: Key Ideas and Details (Standards 1,2)
Grades 3-5 Informational Text: Craft and Structure (Standard 4)

Common Core Math:
Mathematical Practice 4: Model with mathematics
Mathematical Practice 5: Use appropriate tools strategically

Next Generation Science Standards:
Grades 3-5 ETS1-3 Engineering Design
Grade 4  ESS2-2 Earth’s Systems
Grade 5 ESS3-1 Earth & Human Activity

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