Students will better understand how food choices are personal and affect your health while gaining experience with healthier foods that taste good by creating a granola recipe that is high in flavor and low in calories.

What Pilot Light Teachers are saying:

“My students finally realized that healthy food can be delicious and fun to make.” – 2nd grade teachers

Lesson Topics:

Granola, health, nutrition, marketing, snack, decision-making

Curricular Connections:

Common Core English Language Arts:
Grades 3-5 Informational Text: Key Ideas and Details(Standards 1,3)
Grades 3-5 Informational Text: Integration of Knowledge and Ideas (Standards 7,8,9)
Grades 3-5 Writing: Text Types and Purposes (Standard 1)
Grades 3-5 Writing: Production and Distribution of Writing (Standard 4)
Grades 3-5 Writing: Research to Build and Present Knowledge (Standards 7-9)

Illinois Social Science Learning Standards:
Grades 3-5: Inquiry Skills: Developing Claims and UsingEvidence
Grades 3-5: Communicating Conclusions and Taking Informed Action: Communicating Conclusions
Grade 4: Economics and Financial Literacy: Analyze how spending choices are influenced by price as well as many other factors (e.g. advertising, peer pressure, options).

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