Refugee Camps & Cooking

Refugee Camps & Cooking lesson planStudents will create a recipe similar to one that could be found in a refugee camp, identify living conditions of refugees, recall issues that refugees face concerning food, identify ways to be more understanding of others’ relationship with food, and manipulate recipes using problem-solving skills.




What Pilot Light Teachers are saying:

“As we read aloud, we had students draw images of what they heard that related to food. Students then accessed the excerpt on their own and captioned their images with quotes from the text. This helped students see how many different visualizations can come from the same text… We created a traditional Sudanese Lentil soup based off of the ingredients provided to the refugees in the Kenyan refugee camps.” – 6th grade English teacher

Lesson Topics:

Refugee Camps, Immigration, Empathy

Curricular Connections:

Common Core English Language Arts:
Grades K-12 Reading: Informational Text: Key Ideas and Details (Standard 1,3)
Grades K-12 Reading: Informational Text: Integration of Knowledge and Ideas (Standard 7)
Grades K-12 Writing: Text Types and Purposes: (Standards 1,2)

Illinois Social Science Learning Standards:
Grades K-12: Geography, Inquiry Skills

Illinois Social Emotional Learning Standards:
2A- Recognize the feelings and perspectives of others.
2B- Recognize individual and group similarities and differences.
3C- Contribute to the well-being of one’s school and community.


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