Why We Need Seaweed

Seaweed lesson planStudents will learn about the benefits of seaweed and discover the impact that seaweed can have on climate change, the environment, and human health.



What Pilot Light Teachers are saying:
“They were able to see that seaweed is a valuable resource for food and countering climate change. it deepened their connection to seaweed by getting to taste it!” – 6th grade Science teacher

Lesson Topic:
Seaweed, earth systems, the environment, Earth’s resources

Curricular Connections:
Next Generation Science Standards:
ESS 2: Earth’s Systems
ESS 3: Earth & Human Activity

Common Core English Language Arts:
Grades K-12 Reading: Informational Text: Integration of Knowledge and Ideas (Standard 7)

Common Core Math:
High School-Modeling & N-Q (Quantities)

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