Seeds, Nuts, and Grains by Region

Students will understand how geographical features impact the way we live and the foods that are available to us by mapping seeds, grains, and nuts.

What Pilot Light Teachers are saying:

“Students better understood the five regions of the United States, their unique characteristics, and foods that originated from there.” – 4th grade Social Studies teacher


Lesson Topics:

Geography, sources of food, economy, seeds, grains, regions

Curricular Connections:

Common Core English Language Arts:
Grade 3-5 Reading: Informational Text: Key Ideas and Details (Standards 2, 3)
Grades 3-5 Reading: Literature: Key Ideas and Details (Standards 1,3)

Illinois Social Science Learning Standards:
Grade 5: Geography: Geographic Representations: Spatial Views of the World
Grade 5: Geography: Human-Environment Interaction: Place, Regions, and Cultures

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