Seasonality: Everything In Its Own Time

Students will practice reading and math skills while tasting produce that is in season locally and creating a unique recipe using seasonally available ingredients.




What Pilot Light Teachers are saying:

“Many children are not aware of where the food they eat comes from. Some students do not realize that the food that is produced comes from different regions of the U.S. and end up in our kitchen. In this lesson, students were able to identify what fruits and vegetables were grown in their specific region during a particular season. Pilot Light gave the platform for the students to have the opportunity to not only try unfamiliar foods but to make a salad based upon the available produce for the current season for each region.” – 4th grade Social Studies teacher

Lesson Topics:

The environment and seasonality

Curricular Connections:

Common Core English Language Arts:
Grades K-12 Informational Text: Key Ideas and Details(Standard 1)
Grades K-12 Writing: Text Types and Purposes (Standard 2)

Common Core Math:
Grades K-5: Measurement and Data
Grades 3-5: Number and Operations – Fractions


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